zondag 1 april 2012

you can't see me like I see you

What's in my bag? I'll tell you! This is my favourite bag, bought it a year ago at V&D. It is comfortable and pretty at the same time, I love it. But what's in my bag? Below you can see some pictures. I always take my phone and my wallet, of course. I think everyone does. Furthermore, I always take my vaseline, my deodorant, hand cream, my favourite (and it's cheap!) perfume, chewing gum, a bottle of water and a small mirror. In summer I don't leave the house withouy my sunglasses. I bought these glasses at Primark in London last October for only 50 pence! Back to the point, there's always pen and paper in my bag, like almost every blogger. To write everything what's going on in my head. Quotes, inspiration, ideas, wishlists etc. Last but not least there's my mp3/iPod or however you'll call it. I can't live a day without music.

the pretty reckless - you

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  1. Wat leuk om te zien, mooie tas ook! x

  2. Wat leuk om te zien! Ik ben echt verliefd op je tas!

    liefs, Laura

  3. Leuk om te zien! Leuke tas en handige spulletjes heb je mee! Liefs

  4. Super leuke tas! Wat leuk om te zien! Volgens mij heb ik de mp3 ook, haha

  5. Haha ik heb weer dezelfde mobiel als jou!! Grappig.. leuke tas!!

  6. like it!


  7. super leuk om te zien, en mooie tas!


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