woensdag 20 juli 2011

If you feel like then take me away and make it okay. i swear i'll behave.

YEAH! Tonight I'm leaving to Norway for my holidays. I'm excited! :D Today I said goodbye to two of my best friends and I packed my bags this afternoon. We're leaving at 5 a.m. tonight. We are going to drive to Kiel (Germany). And then we take the boat to Norway. The boat trip takes 20 hours!! There's a pool and lots of shops, how cool?! Friday we arrive in Oslo, and we'll spent the whole day in the city! That means: SHOPPING. I love Oslo, the city is just amazing, even after 10 times. :P Well, I see you later and have a beautiful holiday lovers. See you soon! ♥♥♥

maroon 5 ft christina aquilera - move like jagger

maandag 18 juli 2011

i've been keeping busy all the time just to keep you off my mind

sorry for my lack of posts, next Thursday i am going to go to Norway for my holiday with my parents and sister. these days consist of preparing for the holidays and say goodbye to my friends for 3 weeks. so here are some random pics. enjoy!
1 random picture. i love braids.
2 detail of my new selfmade skirt! i love it so much. i think the fabric is amazing, my amazing mom bought it for me! <3
3-4 my selfmade etui. i think it's cute
5 my granny won two cinema tickets and gave them to my sister and i. so this afternoon i am going to the cinema to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2!! i'm so excited. :DDDDD
simple plan ft natasha bedingfield - jet lag

woensdag 13 juli 2011

you took this heart and put it to hell, but still you're magnificent

 Yesterday I spent my day with my friend Naomi. Haha I'm sorry for the overload of pictures but we made a lot of them yesterday. Today I don't feel like doing anything, the weather is awfull and my stomach hurts as hell. Unfortunately I have to deliver newspapers and I've promised that I'll clean my house today. Life's hard. Well, enjoy lovers.

shorts: cut by my sister, shirt: vintage (H&M, but old collection I think), shoes: dolcis, belt: unknown

gavin degraw - not over you

zaterdag 9 juli 2011

you're not alone, i'll wait till the end of time for you

Hi guys! I really enjoy my holidays. Yesterday I went to the city with mom, and I bought some school supplies and a blouse + shirt. I had a bbq with the whole family yesterday's evening, and I enjoyed it. Oh and I have great news! Today my camera arrived. :D It is repaired, and call me the girl with the most luck on earth, because it is under warranty! Even though I dropped it myself, but they didn't know that of course. Seriously, I am the luckiest girl on earth, and I'm so happy at the moment! Have a beautiful evening. ♥
green blouse: unknown, gift from my aunt
blue blouse: hema, 7,50 euros
white shirt: hema, 6 euros

school supplies (hmm little bit early i know haha): hema, except diary (bruna) 

mads langer - you're not alone

donderdag 7 juli 2011

we're on the road to nowhere, come on inside.

1-2 relax outfit of the day
3 backyard
4 this afternoon i thought 'let's make my own ice cream!' and i failed, it was much to sweet. not really nice.
5-6 book I read at the moment.

quote from the book "Amy and Roger's Epic Detour" (original of Talking Heads)

dinsdag 5 juli 2011

you should know things aren't always what they seem

Only detail pictures, I'm sorry! But you can see my new singlet and my selfmade high waisted skirt of black lace. :)

singlet: H&M, skirt: selfmade, shoes: unknown

a day to remember - have faith in me 

maandag 4 juli 2011

i love you like a love song

New in!
singlet: H&M, 4,95 euros
dress: vila, 8,50 euros
bikini: H&M, 9,90 euros

selena gomez - love you like a love song 

zondag 3 juli 2011

"Lucky girls" uitslag giveaway: Layla!


De uitslag van mijn eerste giveaway is bekend! Er deden helaas niet zo veel mensen mee, maaar toch vond ik het heel leuk om te doen. 
De winnnaar van deze 2 ringen + armbandje is Layla! Congratulations, ik stuur je straks meteen een mailtje.
Heel veel plezier er mee! 

 ps: lucky me, ik win best vaak prijsvragen or something. and guess what!? Ik heb een camera gewonnen! Ik deed op dorp mee aan een KPN quiz samen met een vriendin, eigenlijk gewoon voor de grap, en die won ik. 's Avonds werden alle winnaars bij elkaar gedaan en daar werd er eentje uit getrokken, toen werd ik 's avonds opgebeld dat ik de camera op dorp kon ophalen! Lucky me. Het is de Sony DSC-S2000. Het is gewoon een simpele compact camera, maar nu mijn camera naar de fabriek is kan ik deze mooi gebruiken. Wanneer mijn eigen camera terug is, verkoop ik deze en kan ik met het geld mooi de reperatie van mijn eigen camera betalen! (in ieder geval een deel daarvan) I'm a lucky girl.