vrijdag 25 februari 2011

I'm still in love but all I heard was nothing

This is what I bought yesterday.
both shoes: dolcis 5 euros, chino pants: LOU 25 euros. (it's a local store in Zwolle but it has his own webshop. there is not much, but it's such a cute store!)

the script - nothing

donderdag 24 februari 2011

I feel like I can touch the sky

Yesterday's outfit. Today I went to Zwolle, shopping with my mom and sister. I'll show you my purchases tomorrow!

taio cruz - higher

woensdag 23 februari 2011

if you really want more, scream it out louder

Sweeties! Here another outfit. It's simple, but I actually like it. And I wear my All Stars (that's a long time ago). I bought them about 3 years ago, and they still fit me! And about the last picture, it's a little bit weird, isn't it? It looks like my legs are huge! But I think the picture has something that is quite cool.

blouse; H&M , jeans: H&M, shoes; converse, scarf; hema, belt; unknown, necklace; local store

usher - more 

maandag 21 februari 2011

the quiet scares me 'cause it screams te truth

I had an amazing weekend! Saturday it was my friend's birthday. Yesterday my parents and I went to the forest. And of course, I made some pictures for you! Yesterday's afternoon I sew a new skirt, which was my outfit today. At the last pictures you can see my new skirt, and my 2 friends Anne-Marije and Merel. We had an amazing day, with taking a lots of picture sand eating a lot of fatty things. I also clean up my wardrobe. And for the dutchies: ik verkoop een aantal kleren. Klik hier om naar mijn verkooptopic op Girlscene te gaan. How was your weekend? Lots of love. x

pink - sober

vrijdag 18 februari 2011

365 days and nights, 365 tries to make it right

Today's outfit, my vacation starts, yaaaay!

sweater: H&M
skirt: H&M
scarf: Hema
belt: unknown
shoes: primark 
headband: unknown
rings: six

aura dione - I will love you monday

donderdag 17 februari 2011

don't tell me that it's over, it only just begun

Yay! Finally I found an owl necklace, which wasn't very expensive. I really love it. On the third + fourth picture you can see detail pictures from yesterday's outfit. And my mom is the best! I'm poor, I haven't money till the 28th of February. But my mom bought fabric for me! Now I can sew a new skirt. And after tomorrow my vacation starts, mm! Lots of love.

necklace: local store, 4,95
jacket: H&M, 39,95

amy macdonald - don't tell me that it's over