zaterdag 14 april 2012

a beautiful way to share your world

Yesss, last week they finally bring Instagram for Android out! Before only Apple users could share their photos through Instagram, but from now on Android users could use this app too. Me like!   
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                                   1 new glamour 2 me and my friend chatting, yes we do love hihi 3 easter outfit! 4 delicious piece of cake nomnomnom
                                 5 afternoon snack, apple with cinnamon and sugar 6 spring!! that means leaves on the trees, love that

title quote of instagram

10 opmerkingen:

  1. super mooie foto's!
    je easter outfit is just waauw!
    love your blog hihi! (: xliefs.

  2. Ziet er allemaal erg leuk uit, de outfit is echt leuk :)
    Liefs Manon

  3. Superleuk artikel! Je outfit is inderdaad heel leuk! Liefs

  4. cool 2nd and 3rd pics...
    i dont have instagram...


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