woensdag 4 april 2012

happy second anniversary to the jewelry girl !

Yes guys, this blog already excist for 2 years! 4 April 2010, Easter Sunday. I remember this day like it was yesterday hehe! I was incredibly bored and decided to start my own blog. First I took webcam pictures and I wrote some boring, weird texts. In the past I didn't know what I had to tell to you. But I continued posting and 2 years, 330 followers and about 270 posts later I'm still here! And I'll be here. I love to blog, I love to make pictures and of course: I LOVE YOU, my dearest people! Oh and stay tuned! There's a give-away on his way. I want to thank you for reading, commenting and following. It may sound cliché and I said it so many times the past 2 years, but I have to say it: you're the best. You're the reason of my blog. Thank you so much. Much love from Anouck, the jewelry girl.

13 opmerkingen:

  1. gefeliciteeerd! hopelijk blijf je nog heel lang bloggen :) liefs

  2. Gefeliciteerd! <3
    Ik geniet erg van je posts!(:

  3. congrats!


  4. Gefeliciteeeeerd! Op naar nog meer jaartjes! Xx

  5. Gefeliciteerd! Ik vind je blog nogsteeds superleuk, haha :) Liefs

  6. Nog gefeliciteerd! En ben benieuwd wat je allemaal hebt gekocht in Zaandam en Utrecht haha :)


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