zaterdag 28 april 2012

I've been waiting for something for so long

2 weken, 30 deelnemers en een heel aantal nieuwe volgers later, mag ik Janne feliciteren met het winnen van mijn give away ! Deze ketting en ring komen zo snel mogelijk jouw kant op. :) Ik vond het tof dat er zoveel mensen meededen en wil jullie bedanken voor alle leuke berichtjes op Twitter en op jullie blogs! Heel veel liefs, Anouck. X 

sum 41 - reasons to believe

maandag 23 april 2012

you can hold my hand in the daylight love will lighten the dark

I received my 'Wreck This Journal' the day before yesterday. I wanted one for such a long time. Last week I finally decided to order one at and I love it so much!
I also bought Paramore's albums last weekend. I have listened Paramore for 5 years now and it's defenitely my favourite band. I thought it was time to go and buy their albums (a little ashamed I didn't buy them before) oh and mom bought me this caramel flavor lolly, nomnomnom ! By the way, my testweek has just begun, so I have to learn all day long. Not cool.
Have a nice evening my lovers and for the dutchies; do not forget to participate in my giveaway! X

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only seven left - love will lighten the dark

vrijdag 20 april 2012

fear has filled this house before but it takes a little faith to make it through the storm

I finally found some time to make outfit pictures. I hate the Netherlands at the moment. It's raining all day long and it's cold. Ugh I want summer. What about you? How are you, my dears? :)

primark knitted cardigan | hema blouse | converse shoes | kijkshop watch

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sent by ravens - however long it takes

zaterdag 14 april 2012

a beautiful way to share your world

Yesss, last week they finally bring Instagram for Android out! Before only Apple users could share their photos through Instagram, but from now on Android users could use this app too. Me like!   
                               Follow me on Instagram: anoucksulman        
                                   1 new glamour 2 me and my friend chatting, yes we do love hihi 3 easter outfit! 4 delicious piece of cake nomnomnom
                                 5 afternoon snack, apple with cinnamon and sugar 6 spring!! that means leaves on the trees, love that

title quote of instagram

woensdag 11 april 2012

my ship went down in a sea of sound

Primark Zaandam purchases!
knitted waistcoat 18 euros | butterfly dress 19 euros | sleeveless blouse 11 euros | black blouse 13 euros | denim jacket 15 euros | ring 3 euros | earrings 3 euros

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all time low - therapy

maandag 9 april 2012

GIVE AWAY | his heart is never gonna wither come on everybody time to deliver, give it away now

It is time for another give away! 
Sorry for my international readers, but this give away is only for my Dutch followers!
Omdat mijn blog afgelopen week alweer 2 jaar bestond, vond ik het hoog tijd voor een nieuwe give away. Dit keer kun je een turquoise ketting en ring in maat S/M winnen. Je kunt je inschrijven tot vrijdag 27 april. Hierna zal ik zo snel mogelijk de winnaar bekend maken!

Wat moet je doen?
1. Je moet me volgen via Google Friend Connect.
Je moet je naam + email-adres achterlaten in een comment.

Wat kun je doen voor meer entries?

Volg mij (@thejewelrygirl_) op Twitter en tweet over deze give away. (zet je twitteraccount dan ook even in je comment)
Volg mijn blog via bloglovin.
Post iets over mijn giveaway op je blog (dit mag ook alleen maar een link zijn)

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zaterdag 7 april 2012

watching the clock that’s ticking away my time

Happy Easter, lovers! Yesterday I went to Primark Zaandam and oh my gosh, the collection of clothes is really amazing. I saw a lot of beautifull blouses, shoes, shirts and much more. The jewelry was a little disappointing, too bad. I'll show you my purchases next week! Enjoy your Easter weekend !
new in: all stars | catrice Blue Cara Ciao | vogue magazine | elle style guide

the pretty reckless - just tonight

woensdag 4 april 2012

happy second anniversary to the jewelry girl !

Yes guys, this blog already excist for 2 years! 4 April 2010, Easter Sunday. I remember this day like it was yesterday hehe! I was incredibly bored and decided to start my own blog. First I took webcam pictures and I wrote some boring, weird texts. In the past I didn't know what I had to tell to you. But I continued posting and 2 years, 330 followers and about 270 posts later I'm still here! And I'll be here. I love to blog, I love to make pictures and of course: I LOVE YOU, my dearest people! Oh and stay tuned! There's a give-away on his way. I want to thank you for reading, commenting and following. It may sound cliché and I said it so many times the past 2 years, but I have to say it: you're the best. You're the reason of my blog. Thank you so much. Much love from Anouck, the jewelry girl.

zondag 1 april 2012

you can't see me like I see you

What's in my bag? I'll tell you! This is my favourite bag, bought it a year ago at V&D. It is comfortable and pretty at the same time, I love it. But what's in my bag? Below you can see some pictures. I always take my phone and my wallet, of course. I think everyone does. Furthermore, I always take my vaseline, my deodorant, hand cream, my favourite (and it's cheap!) perfume, chewing gum, a bottle of water and a small mirror. In summer I don't leave the house withouy my sunglasses. I bought these glasses at Primark in London last October for only 50 pence! Back to the point, there's always pen and paper in my bag, like almost every blogger. To write everything what's going on in my head. Quotes, inspiration, ideas, wishlists etc. Last but not least there's my mp3/iPod or however you'll call it. I can't live a day without music.

the pretty reckless - you