dinsdag 28 juni 2011

there's only so many songs that I can sing to paste the time

Woooow, it's extremely hot here in Holland! It's 30 degrees, but it feels like it's 37 degrees. Last saturday my mom has shopped and she bought this skirt for me. I love it! It was my outfit of yesterday, when I went to the beach with some friends. Tonight I'll dancing in this heat, and then I go to the musical of my old school. Have a nice day, lovers.

skirt: H&M, shirt: H&M, watch: kijkshop, sunglasses: glamour gift

bruno mars - long distance

zaterdag 25 juni 2011

life's a game but it's not fair, but i break the rules so i don't care

Inspiration for your room, because when it's my birthday i'm going to change my room. (okay, that's just about 5 months lol)
rihanna ft jay-z ft kayne west - run this town

woensdag 22 juni 2011

I climb, I slip, I fall, reaching for your hand but I lay here all alone

YES I HAVE VACATION NOW! Today I had my last tests: oral test for english, german and french. And well, I didn't except it but it went very well! a 8.2 for english, a 8.3 german and a 6.2 for french. Yay, I am so proud of myself. I was so nervous this morning! But now, I finally have vacation. So good luck for the ones who still have testweek, and have a beatiful holiday for the rest! XOXO

 (sister's) blouse: LOU, jeans: cubus (a shop norway), shoes: vintage, bag: V&D

paramore - breathe 

zondag 19 juni 2011

my first giveaway!

 Sorry for my international readers, but this giveaway is only for the dutchies. 

Na lang volgehouden te hebben dat er een giveaway aankwam, moet ik die belofte nu toch echt nakomen. Je kunt je 14 dagen inschrijven, zondag 3 juli zal ik bekend maken wie er heeft gewonnen.

De regels:
1. Je moet me volgen via Google Friend Connect.
2. Laat je naam + email-adres achter in een comment.
3. Zet ook in je comment als je extra entries hebt gedaan.

Wat kun je doen voor meer entries? (hoe meer je doet, hoe vaker ik je naam opschrijf. Je hebt dan dus meer kans)
1. Zet een link van deze giveaway op twitter. (zet je twitteraccount dan ook even in je comment)
2. Volg me via bloglovin.
3. Post iets over mijn giveaway op je blog (dit mag ook alleen maar een link zijn)

ps, what do you think of my new header? ♥

vrijdag 17 juni 2011

if love will make you stronger, why does it hurts?

hi cuties! i've bad new and good news. first: my camera is broken.. the lens is broken, so i should send my lovely camera back. omg, i hate it so much. :(((( until i got it back, i borrow my sister's camera. so naturally i just keep posting. but now, it's time for some good news!  tomorrow i'll  put my new layout online!  and the give-away is  coming, so keep looking at my blog :D
shirt: H&M, skirt: zara, (mom's) jacket: unknown, shoes: converse, necklace: hema, earrings: local store

handsome poets - stay

donderdag 16 juni 2011

you make me wanna shout out your name from the rooftops down to the world

o gosh you should listen to this song! it's the cutest song i've heard in such a long time. i wanted to share it with you! 

dinsdag 14 juni 2011

so baby don't worry, you were my only, you won't be lonely even if the sky is fallin'down

another week and I have no more school. next thursday my summer vacation begins!
 jeans; H&M, blouse; unknown, shoes; vintage, belt; unknown, bracelets; zeeman, watch; kijkshop

destine - down 

vrijdag 10 juni 2011

'cause there's no guarentee that this life is easy

a few weeks ago i won a giveaway from Kelsey's blog. i could order a item from buon-vivere, how awesome! yesterday i finally received the delivery, and below you can see what i've ordered and today's outfit. enjoy your weekend!

miley cyrus - when i look at you

woensdag 8 juni 2011

one day you'll get sick of saying that everthing's alright

my purchases of the vintage market at amsterdam! i'm so happy. :D

dress: vintage, 3 euros
blouses: vintage, together 2,50 euros
bag: V&D, 15 euros
(my first!) wedges: vintage (H&M), 5 euros
sandals: vintage (H&M) 4 euros
fake minnetonka's: vintage, 2,50 euros
bracelets: vintage, together 2 euros
overcoat: vintage (zara), 10 euros (he's brand new! :D) but today i've lost a buckle that is on my sleeve. that sucks.

paramore - never let this go