woensdag 9 maart 2011

let's runaway to the place where love first found us

Ohh, lovely lazy day today. No school, just a lazy day with a lazy outfit.  Next week my testweek starts, blegh. So today I began to read my English book. And always when I read an Enligsh book I fall asleep. The books I have to read are sooo boring. But I have to say: this book isn't too bad. And I think I read faster, because I write my blog in English. But I think about to get back to blogging in Dutch. It is so much easier for me.. I also love writing. Probably I want to do something in that direction, when I finished the high school. When I write in Dutch I can express myself on my blog. But when I write in English, I'll improve my English. I don't know... What is your suggestion? Should I lose many readers when I write in my own (ugly) language Dutch? Leave a comment please, lovely readers! Much love. X
everything from H&M, except jewelry. (gift + local store)
bruno mars - runaway

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  1. ohmygoooood jouw jasje en je ketting♥♥

  2. Tja, ik weet niet of je veel buitenlandse lezers hebt? Ik heb al op meer blogs gelezen dat ze twijfelen of ze weer Nederlands moeten gaan schrijven. Ikzelf schrijf niet in het Engels omdat ik zo perfectionistich ben en geen fouten wil maken, haha. Maar ja..

  3. Oh I love your hair! And the outfit and cat are ADORABLE!

  4. ik hou het op engels omdat ik dan hoop dat die onvoldoende op m'n rapport verdwijnt! haha! :$

  5. leuke outfit, je military jacket is echt gaaf!

  6. die 4de foto, jeees.

    lieverds zijn jullie./

  7. Leuk leuk leuk!
    Supermooie foto's,
    simpele outfit maar toch echt geweldig,
    staat je ook super!
    Je hebt er echt wat leuks van gemaakt (:

  8. Wat een leuk jasje!



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