donderdag 17 maart 2011

I don't like it, but there's nothing left to say

Yay, testweek is over! Tomorrow I am going to Amsterdam. My history teacher plans a lot of things to do, but we have 2 hours to shop, walk or something else by our selves. That is cool isn't? I'm really excited! Here's just a simple outfit of yesterday. I really need to shop, I don't know anymore, what I should wear.
skirt: H&M, shirt: unknown, shoes: converse, belt: H&M rings: unknown

krezip - all my life 

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Gave outfit! Vooral dat tshirt :D
    Xx Lulu

  2. Echt leuk! Ik vind allstars altijd leuk staan bij zo'n rokje. ♥

  3. Great Outfit. :)
    Do you like follow each other? Let me know.
    Have a great day.

  4. Simpel en Stylish !
    Ik hou er van (:

  5. Verassing voor je @ my blog!

    xx Kim


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