donderdag 15 april 2010

I was tagged by Fabienne!

Thanks Fabienne! :D
so, ten things I love

1. I love my friends! They are so important for me.

2. Music! Especially the band Paramore.
3. Reading and writing.

4. Clothes, jewelry, belts and shoes! It say who you are, how you feel, so I think that´s why it is so important for me. :D

5. Internet! For inspiration, communications etc.

6. Sport. My sport is dance, but I also like gym at school. I love to move on.

7. Summer! I love the sun, the beach and the blue sky!
8. Walibi! Haha, I have a thirllpas, so I can free the park in!
9. Chocolate, winegums, drop and crayons!
10. And last but not least I love nailpolish! It looks so beautifull. :D
I tag: lovepourfashion, sweetlisette and vintageflowerdress.

This weekend I have family weekend, so see you Monday!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Oeh, hier hou ik ook wel van. Alleen hou ik van andere muziek en gym.. hmm :P!

  2. Oeh leuk dat je me getagged hebt ^^
    TY ^^
    En leuke top 10!

  3. Haha, no thanks voor het taggen. :) Je blog is leuk dus ik vond het niet meer dan logisch.

  4. Zo ik heb er en post van gemaakt en je natuurlijk gelinkt ^^ zou je even willen kijken =D?


  5. Leuke top 10 :)
    Haha ik heb ook zo'n Walibi pas ^^


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