zaterdag 30 april 2011

you appear just like a dream to me

Hiiii! yay, it's queensday here in Holland! Houses are decorating with orange flags and red/blue/white stuff, everyone is happy and the queen visit every year a different city. And yeah, I love theme parties. So below you can see my (quite stupid) outfit. My friend came over tonight and today we've walked trough the many stalls at a flea market. I've bought a vintage bag for only 1 euro which you can see at the last picture. Have a beautiful evening, my dear readers. XXX
shorts; unknown, shirt; H&M, waistcoat; primark, head; unknown

miley cyrus - when I look at you

11 opmerkingen:

  1. leuke outfit!♥ ik was vandaag totaal niet in de kleuren van holland! =$ heb ook niet die kleur kleren in me kast haha! leuk tasje XX

  2. cute outfit!! i'm really looking forward going to holland, is a country that really catches my attention :D

  3. i love your outfit.
    check out mine:

    hope you will follow me :)

  4. Je outfit is leuk! Leuk tasje heb je gekocht :).

  5. jouw outfit is supper leuk! Een tasje voor 1 euro is erg zot! vind het een erg mooi tasje!

    ps: giveaway op onze blog

  6. Hey!
    Nice blog :) I love your style :)
    we should talk :D
    email me or anything :)
    this is my email,btw:
    bye! :)


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